Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boating @ Jordanelle - Sept. 9 & 10, 2011

We spent a couple nights up in Park City with our friends in September. We brought up Michael's dad's boat and went to Jordanelle all day on both Friday and Saturday. The water was real cold, but it was fun to get one last boating adventure in before the season was over. Chris and Suda came up on Friday with us and then Dane and Chelsea came up that night. We cooked up some kabobs and ate dinner at the condo. Afterwards, the three boys went on a night ride while us girls did a movie and pedicures. Nick came up on Saturday with a friend and met us on the lake. We ended up sitting on the dock in our cars for about an hour and a half with the boat parked in the dock while it was pouring rain. Lucky for us, the storm passed and we were able to go back out on the boat with the lake to ourselves. We stayed on the boat until the moon came out. Michael had to get one last ski run in while the water was still glass. We had a lot of fun spending time with our good friends and doing the activities we love!

PCP2P - 9/3/11

PCP2P stands for Park City Point to Point - an 83 mile mountain bike race with 14,000 feet of climbing starting at Park City resort and ending at Canyons resort. The morning of the race we woke up EARLY. I made a few bags of some food for Michael to have at different stations throughout the race. We picked up Dane from a hotel and drove to where the race started, just south of Park City. Michael had everything to go and then realized that he had forgot the timing chip we picked up with his packet the night before. It was at the condo, about 4 miles from where we were. It was 15 minutes until the race started and so we left Dane there and hurried back to the condo. By some small miracle we made it back just barely in time for Michael to start. I felt really bad that he had to start the race with such anxiety, especially when this race was the longest, most grueling one he had ever attempted at the time.

He and I both were so relieved to have this behind him when he came through the finish line. His muscles were aching and he was feeling nauseous; I didn't know how to help him. I was so proud of him for accomplishing such a feat that day. I could not believe the strength and endurance he must have had to get through the race, but I am so impressed by his determination and love that he has such passion.

We were staying at the condo with my family that weekend.
They were so nice to come support Michael as he came through the finish line. :)

Montana Xterra - July 23, 2011

Michael and his friend Chris went to Montana for another Xterra. I was glad Michael had someone to ride with because I unfortunately was not able to go. Looks like a beautiful place from the pictures {thanks to Chris}. Michael once again did really well and became one race closer to being qualified for the championship in Ogden.

Michael took this picture on his way home. It's so vintage and actually the desktop pic on our computer right now.

Beaver Creek Tri / Moab

Beaver Creek, Colorado is my favorite place to visit during the summer for one of Michael's many races. It has the feel of Park City; quaint and refreshing. We got a steal on a room at one of the nicest resorts in town. I felt like we were living in luxury. :)

This is the view from our room. Absolutely beautiful.

I was thrilled to see a patagonia shop and had to take a pic!

Ate at a delicious Italian restaurant the night before Mikey's race.

Michael really wanted me to take his picture talking to Benjamin Franklin.
What a crack up.

The race went really well for Michael. He got a far better time than the year previously, so he was pretty happy.

I brought my bike with us as well so we could stop in Moab on the way back to do some biking. I tried Slick Rock for the first time and though I only did the practice loop, it took everything out of me. I never realized the incredible technicality of that trail; it definitely humbled me.

Lake Powell - June 2011

We went to Lake Powell back in June with Michael's family and had a blast! Before the trip, Paula assigned each couple to come up with an activity to do during one day while we were there. Nick and Sadie brought everything needed to play "minute to win it"; it had us completely cracking up!

Kandice put together a cute treasure hunt for the little girls. They had to go around the houseboat finding clues that created a map, which showed where the treasure was buried!

The boys got a little carried away with the wigs afterward.

Michael, Dan and Marci went night skiing out in Padre bay where we stayed. I unfortunately did not get very good pictures with my camera in the darkness, guess I need a bigger flash.

Michael's, and I dare say the whole family's new favorite thing to do was surfing behind the boat. It really is addicting. I love that it is low-impact; you can go forever and not feel a thing!

I did not approve, but could not miss the opportunity to take a picture. :)

The entire Muhlestein family (except for Ryan).
Hopefully this coming year everyone will be able to make it!